If we don’t have the style you are after, we are happy to order it in for you. Please call or email for details.

Adelaide Hatters has a specially sourced range for those going through the process of temporary or permanent hair loss. Our caring staff members are more than happy to take time to assist you in the process of finding the right headwear for your needs.
We have a large range of caps, turbans, wraps and scarves to help you feel comfortable and stylish.

Our products include the Danish designed Christine headscarves and caps.
The caps are made from fine cotton and bamboo: these 100% natural materials allow sensitive skin to breathe whilst maintaining a soft feel. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and absorbs moisture, allowing skin to remain dry and cool in Summer and warm during Winter.

The Christine headscarves are fully lined and seam free to avoid irritation to delicate scalps, and are a fresh, stylish and comfortable alternative to a wig. We stock scarves in a variety of colours and patterns

We also stock the Amoena range. Amoena headscarves and hats are specially designed to be comfortable and easy to wear. To avoid chafing, they are seamless on the inside and made with natural, breathable fabrics to ensure no build-up of heat. With a little more volume and coverage than regular headwear, the scarves stay securely in place.

You will also find a great range of Parkhurst caps at Adelaide Hatters. Parkhurst Hats are designed and manufactured in Canada from 100% cotton. They are lightweight, soft and breathable. They come in a range of styles with full coverage for those experiencing hair loss.

We are constantly updating our range. We encourage you to come into the shop to see the various styles, colours and materials Adelaide Hatters offer.