Adelaide Hatters stock an extensive range of quality Ladies hats including:
If we don't have the style you are after, we are happy to order it in for you. Please call or email for details.

Helen Kaminski is a leading brand of fashionable headwear. Based in Sydney, Australia, Kaminski have a reputation for stylish and functional pieces. Many of the latest seasonal styles from this iconic brand as well as their signature raffia pieces are in stock here at Adelaide Hatters.
Lynsey Champion designs and produces hats using quality materials including NZ Merino Wool, Silk, Cotton, Linen, Seagrass and Leather. Her beautifully designed hats come in a range of sizes to fit most heads
Australian milliner Maya Neumann has been making her signature handmade, hand dyed hats for over 25 years. She prides herself in producing hats for those who love travel, colour and quality. Her classic Travel straw is stocked in a range of colours, including embroidered, as well as her new range of Panama style and Wheat straws.
Brixton hats have a timeless appeal combined with great quality and design. We stock the Classics for Ladies in our Brixton range.
Tilley Hats are among the best in the world. For hiking, golfing and water sports they are second to none. They are washable, floatable, windproof and block out 98% of UV rays. They have a lifetime guarantee and can be insured against loss.
Camilo supplies the finest Panama hats in varying styles and sizes. For a classic fedora to a Breton style, come and try one of these quality hats in store now.
ACCESSORIES A quality range of accessories including Dents gloves, Scarves, and Hat Pins are stocked. Come in store to see the full range.